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Confederations Cup Final

Posted on: June 28, 2009 1:21 pm
Edited on: June 28, 2009 2:08 pm
USA vs. Brazil

I will start with the opponent, Brazil. They are a far superior team to the USA and it was shown in our 3-0 defeat in the pool rounds. Led by the likes of Kaka, Robinho, Lucio, and Garcia the Brazil team is a very dangerous team and can hold their own with any team in the world. Brazil, the most decorated world team throughout the history of soccer will be pitting their tremendous team against the USA's. Brazil, who has played decent throughout the tournament has only shown one game in which they have dominated and it so happens to be against their opponent, the USA. Everygame in which they had to win, they won in the last minutes in which the other team made a mistake. They did capitalize on them and congratulations for your 2nd appearance in the final in a row.

USA has a team that for a long time has always been known for underachieving. We are constantly put in the ranks of the best in the world and we still cant hold our own. It shows when we are put in a big game, we cant deliver. Can anyone tell me how many times we have beaten Brazil?....Once, in 1998 was our first victory over a Brazil team bringing our record against them to 1-13. Our team is lead by the likes of Donovan, Howard, Dempsey, and Bocanegra all who have played exceptional since our game against egypt in the pool rounds. We will be missing one of our key players in Michael Bradley due to a bad judgement call by the referre who gave him a red card for what should have been a yellow card. Congratulations on your team effort and good luck in the finals.

Even though i am biased towards the USA, the Brazil squad is too much for the USA to handle. Brazil pulls out a late goal to break the even match winning 2-1.
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